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Is it just me?...The Incredibles 2

I love the majority of Pixar’s films that sit up with the greatest films of cinema but cannot see the appeal of The I alone? This is a new strand of posts (that may or may not reappear) where I’ll share my opinion on something that feels completely out of step with the crowd, and we’ll start with Pixar’s most overrated film series. 

People are quick to criticise Cars or Planes for Pixar’s cashing in but where is the same response to their superhero family? A sitcom meets a blockbuster with hugely profitable results easily marketed to a family audience. There is much less creativity here than in their other work where we travel to ambitious worlds and/or perspectives, and because of this it never feels special. And I suspect I’ll skip the third installment when it comes into cinemas.

I won’t hear a bad word said about Edna Mode though, a wonderfully camp creation that deserves her own film.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One reaction. Boy, Erased trailer.

The trailer for Boy, Erased suggests it may be a more too worthy for my tastes (although terrific to make a mainstream film focused on telling audiences that being gay is ok, I’m not sure the dollop of ‘a family is important’ message is needed at the same time) but I have no doubt that Nicole Kidman will break my heart as the mother of a gay boy who’s sent to a conversion camp. Remember her work in Lion? This is likely to be more of the same, and that’s not a bad thing - especially when she’s giving us variation in roles with Big Little Lies 2 and Aquaman coming too.

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An irresistible question.

‘Do you want another one?’

Yes please. Bring Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again on.

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10 thoughts on...First Reformed

  1. Ethan Hawke is one of America's most underrated actors. His ambition/creativity may be greater than his talent but he has managed to carve out an impressive range of performances in his varied career. I still think he should have had more awards recognition for Before Midnight and Maudie.
  2. I think I should watch more of Paul Schrader's work. Especially The Walker with Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily Tomlin and Lauren Bacall(!). 
  3. This a striking portrait of the Church swept away with capitalism. Where once the Church stood up for the 'greater good' it now bows down to its investors. This may be a nostalgic view of an institution where corruption has been present throughout its long history but it remains an effective backdrop to the discussion around environmental issues and a collective ignorance of it. 
  4. It feels surprising to see Amanda Seyfried in a film like this. There is something endlessly charismatic about her and to watch her in this darkened world is a treat. She is impressive in a role that easily could have felt one note...
  5. ...this is very different to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again which I'll be seeing in a few days. What a special Seyfried double bill!
  6. I look forward to seeing more of Philip Ettinger.
  7. I yearn for the day when there are as many films that shun men as there are films that shun women. Here the two main female characters are wives and lovers, can they not do more than that?
  8. The ending feels incongruous to the rest of the film. What are we supposed to feel? I mostly felt uncomfortable.
  9. That opening shot of the church is really striking. I would have happily watched it for another few minutes.
  10. This is a perfectly written script (minus that ending) and definitely one that deserves to be studied.

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How do you describe a feeling?

I’m not usually one for sport but the last few weeks have had me somewhat glued to Wimbledon and interested in the World Cup. I’m not sure I’d impress a ‘Tattooed Boy’ like Cate Blanchett’s Veronica Guerin though.

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Top of the class. Theatre of 2018 so far.

I usually reserve my reflections on theatre until the end of year but I thought I should as I do spend many hours consuming (devouring?) it in London and, sadly less so, Dublin. And this has been a great year for theatre and will struggle to settle on 10 in December if the standard continues...

1. Nine Night
2. Everybody's Talking About Jamie 
3. Hamilton
4. The Unmanageable Sisters 
5. The Inheritance

Other plays to celebrate: Consent, The Great Wave, John, Network and These Rooms

1. Simon Russell Beale for The Lehman Trilogy
2. Bryan Cranston for Network
3. Kyle Soller for The Inheritance
4. Franc Ashman for Nine Night
5. Kelli O'Hara for The King and I

Other performances to celebrate: Claudia Blakley for Consent, Michelle Dockery for Network, John MCrea for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Colin Morgan for Translations and Lia Williams for The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

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Who’s that girl?

Maggie Smith sat in the Centre Court of Wimbledon as Rafael Nadal won a quarter final match against Juan Martin Del Porto. And I was there. There’s a lot to treasure in that memory.

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Who do you describe a feeling?

I’m spending quality time with my mother. And am loving it.