Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 thoughts on...the 86th Academy Award nominations

  1. Amy Adams receives her fifth nomination in nine years. That's pretty impressive, even if it seems very unlikely that it will amount to a win.
  2. The Academy liked American Hustle. And I can't see what film would prevent it from winning Best Picture at this stage, perhaps Philomena if it gained enough emotional support but otherwise this is a done deal. As is Director (Alfonso Cuaron), Actress (Cate Blanchett), Actor (Matthew McConaughey)  and Supporting Actor (Jared Leto).
  3. It's a shame that Captain Phillips wasn't included for Best Director or Best Actor. Both would have been deserving nominees, as deserving as the men that are included. Shame. But it was good to see Barkhad Abdi nominated for Best Supporting Actor.
  4. No Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks? Scandalous.
  5. Sally Hawkins receives her second first nomination for Blue Jasmine. This is very exciting, and I am very proud that I stuck my neck out and predicted her over Oprah Winfrey for Best Supporting Actress...
  6. fact I did surprisingly well in my predictions. I was spot on for the Screenplay and Supporting Actor/Actress categories, and didn't do too badly in the other categories either. Something must be kicking in after all of these years of enthusiasm/addiction.
  7. I don't see the attraction of The Wolf of Wall Street. Martin Scorsese is a great director and the two nominated performances are terrific, but it's an incredibly flawed film. One that would have been forgotten about if it had been released in the summer or autumn.
  8. I don't know how 12 Years A Slave missed out on a Best Cinematography nomination. Impossible?
  9. I haven't seen Her but I am intrigued with its nomination for Best Production Design. It seems like that branch are acknowledging more subtle work, at last!
  10. There wasn't the surprise snub/nomination that would shake the race. This may be a rather straightforward season from this point on.

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