Monday, February 10, 2014

10 moments to cherish...The Great Beauty

  1. The introduction of Jep (Toni Servillo) in one of the most overwhelming and impressive party scenes on film. It effortlessly tops Baz Luhrmann's much more opulent The Great Gatsby (and perhaps my beloved Moulin Rouge! too).
  2. "The most important thing I discovered a few days after turning 65 is that I can't waste any more time doing things I don't want to do." A poignant end to another short lived or insignificant relationship.
  3. The response to Jep when Stefania (Galatea Ranzi) asks him to explain what is false and fragile about her overt opinions on her success and life, which she has used to devalue Jep's own.
  4. The botox sequence. It's an almost religious experience, one that the horrifies yet inspires some awe. 
  5. Romona's (Sabrina Ferilli) glitter body suit and cape. She is a fascinating character befitting such an outfit.
  6. Jep giving advice on how to behave at a funeral.
  7. "It's a trick" with the disappearing giraffe, departure of Romano and increasing uncertainty of Jep.
  8. Jep's reaction to the exhibition where one man has taken a photograph of himself every day of his life. The impact of life and how this is communicated through art makes a final impact on him, and the audience.
  9. The female impersonator preferring to go to listen to the history of a Princess she imitates rather than going home.
  10. Sister Maria/Saint (Giusi Merli) struggling to climb a staircase. Beautifully intercut with Jep's return to the coast where he lost his virginity and fell in love. As with the begining, a perfect combination of cinematic skill and ending with Toni Servillo's performance.
Note: Making ten for this film was incredibly hard. Fanny Ardent's cameo didn't even get mentioned. Such a beautiful film.

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