Monday, February 17, 2014

10 thoughts on...The LEGO Movie

  1. I love LEGO.
  2. Chris Pratt is perfectly cast as the everyman construction worker who is actually something/someone quite special (and charming). Here's hoping his career continues to rise as he deserves all of the opportunities that have been coming his way. 
  3. I'm almost embarrassed about my level of giddiness when a range of people/characters I love (including Cleopatra, Gandalf, Wonder Woman, Shakespeare and Superman) were brought together in one scene.
  4. The Green Lantern will never have more success on screen than he does in this film.
  5. Suicide bombing isn't something that I expect to see suggested as a positive thing in a film aimed at families/children. Not that I'm wholly against it, but I don't think the simple hint towards it here was developed enough
  6. I wish C3PO would pop up in more movies...
  7. ...speaking of which, I was in awe when the Millennium Falcon turned up. Amazing.
  8. This was going so well (amazingly well)...and then there had to be the overly sentimental introduction of a human father and son whose change in dynamic resolved the narrative's conflict.
  9. Will Ferrell doesn't do emotional scenes well. Why was he cast in this role?

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