Sunday, February 23, 2014

10 thoughts on...Nymphomaniac Part I and II

  1. Uma Thurman is perfect for the world of Lars von Trier. The internet is going to treasure that performance. (Although wouldn't it have been wonderful to have seen Nicole Kidman in that role?)
  2. Jamie Bell is a handsome man.
  3. Von Trier has matured and has made, with Part II in particular, a film that avoids his usual method of provocation whilst retaining his flare for exploring the human condition in a surreal world. This may be his most balanced film to date.
  4. The final moments lead the audience into a rather tedious retread of what we've already learned until that 'twist', which makes a joke of the central 'asexual' relationship that we've been shown across four hours. Incredible.
  5. There are so many penises. (Too many vaginas).
  6. I'd really like to know what accent Shia LaBeouf was attempting to imitate. It's awful. Otherwise his performance is fine, although overshadowed by much stronger performances by the rest of the cast, notably Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  7. This new style of beautiful photography does not suit von Trier's usual style of editing. I wish he would stop the jump cutting. Perhaps in his next film?
  8. It is refreshing to see sex portrayed on screen in such a frank way. There are obvious moments of extreme sex but there is never judgement appointed to the actions. In fact the discussion on paedophilia purposely shows another side that is rarely shown in any form in western society.
  9. I would like to hear how African people will react to the representation of the African men...
  10. I am happy to be a gay man. Sexuality may not be simple but it is definitely less complicated that the world faced by heterosexual people, especially women.

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