Saturday, March 15, 2014

10 thoughts on...The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. There is too often a lack of heart when it comes to the films (that I've seen) of Wes Anderson, and Moonrise Kingdom was the first where I felt that the whole narrative was motivated by emotion. For the majority of this film I feared that this was the case here too, as we were more focused on Jude Law's simple curiousity with F Murray Abraham's inheritance. But then that final act allows the emotions to burst through the narrative, informing all that has gone before it in a glorious celebration of a relationship (or two) that a fundamental impact on the protagonist(s)'s life. Beautiful.
  2. Ralph Fiennes should do comedy more often. He's a treat.
  3. It's a shame Angela Lansbury didn't end up in the film as the catalyst to the whole story. She would have been sublime. (Although who could disagree with the alternative casting of Tilda Swinton?)
  4. I'm so happy Saoirse Ronan kept her natural accent. 
  5. Alexandre Desplat's score is wonderful. As always. He is really one of the most interesting mainstream musician working in film today. 
  6. Abraham's should be a regular of auteur filmmakers and may be one after this and Inside Llewyn Davis.
  7. I want to watch Moonrise Kingdom again.
  8. Bill Murray is always watchable. Even as the voice of Garfield.
  9. I think more films should celebrate good manners.
  10. I want to eat Ronan's cakes.

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