Sunday, April 06, 2014

10 thoughts on...Noah

  1. This is a brave, faithful (as far as I'm aware) adaptation of a powerful story from The Bible. How else would we see a blockbuster where the final conflict revolves around the murder of two babies by the hero?
  2. When a director reaches a certain level of success and an increase in budget they tend to become a bit indulgent, which I would argue is the case here. The film this most resembles in Darren Aronofsky's career is The Fountain which could have easily felt bloated, in terms of its pace/structure and excess of themes, if it had been made post-Black Swan. Sadly this good film never feels like a great film because of the undisciplined pace. There are great examples of Biblical epics being translated for film without this issue (The Prince of Egypt) which makes it doubly disappointing from such a strong filmmaker.
  3. It's surprising how little focus and screen time is given to the animals. I'm also confused about how they would survive without food for such a long period of time. And I'm not sure I saw any giraffes.
  4. Clint Mansell's score is perfect. As always with Aronofsky. 
  5. Perhaps the most moving and memorable moment is when the first of The Watchers are attacked and rise back to the heavens. In fact, I could watch a whole film about The Watchers voice by Frank Langella.
  6. Douglas Booth can't act. And he's too pretty, in an unattractive way. I'd prefer not to see him on the big screen again please.
  7. Will the success of Noah result in a surge of Biblical stories on screen? If they were done with such passion as Aronofsky has obviously invested in this then we would be in for a treat...
  8. long as the general swipe against meat-eating capitalists doesn't remain so strong throughout. There was a moment where I felt guilt for relying on meat in my meals. 
  9. Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly and Emma Watson are terrific. The latter in particular continues to showcase a surprising talent, and no doubt will be soon cast in a role that will position her as Britain's answer to Jennifer Lawrence.
  10. Oscars? I doubt it would build momentum towards nominations in key categories but certainly this will feature in the technical competitions.

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