Saturday, July 12, 2014

10 moments to cherish...Last Chance Harvey

  1. Emma Thompson's Kate queuing for a London bus and reading a book. She's just like one of us. 
  2. Bronagh Gallagher as Kate's work colleague who sets her up on a blind date (she's so good in Albert Nobbs).
  3. When Kate first meets Dustin Hoffman's Harvey, she asks him to complete a questionnaire and he responds "I'm tired. You know?" Her response believably stops him in his tracks with a stern but simple - "Yes, I do." Thompson's line delivery is spot on. 
  4. The banter between Harvey and Kate as they sit in an airport bar. The style is almost from a 1930s screwball comedy mixed, towards the end, with Richard Curtis-esque romance. Charming.
  5. The stiff upper lip conversation. Thompson's face-making during this is spectacular.
  6. Kate's reference to E. M. Forster and A Room With a View.
  7. The cameo of the National Theatre. (A building that has a very special place in my heart.)
  8. The decision to go to Harvey's daughter's wedding reception, which involves Harvey buying Kate a new dress. Which Thompson looks stunning in and conjures massive amounts of charm.
  9. After emotional declarations, forgiveness from his daughter/her new step father, etc. Harvey plays Kate a piece of music and when it ends simply asks her, "Don't go". She agrees not to and they dance all night. 
  10. Kate's final release of emotion at the end before the promising ending...

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