Sunday, July 27, 2014

10 thoughts on...Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

  1. Andy Serkis will be celebrated in the same vein as Charlie Chaplin, Ray Harryhausen, etc. as a pioneer of his field. His work is always impressive, and as powerful as any traditional performance on screen.
  2. There were two left-handed characters on the screen, our human hero and the wise orangutan Maurice. Hoorah.
  3. The common belief that the issue of representation goes hand-in-hand with the issue of diversity behind the scenes can take a hit here. Despite a woman co-writing and co-producing the film, the representation of women is very poor. Both with apes and humans. Keri Russell's purpose seems to be in providing for men (via medicine, support/comfort, food, even when she saves Ceasar's wife's life it seems only to please men), whilst Judy Greer literally goes unnoticed as a female ape.
  4. The action sequences are all impressive, and serve the story more than most blockbusters I've seen recently but the moment where the human hero rescues the medical kit deserves applause in particular. I don't know Matt Reeves but this bit alone makes me excited to see more of his action work. But not Let Me In.
  5. The human characters and conflicts could have been developed a bit more...particularly the family drama which the film itself forgets midway through and the climatic moment where the human hero tries to assist the apes despite his behaviour being totally out of character...
  6. ...but it's forgivable in a blockbuster film where the apes are put in the foreground and some intelligent questions are raised.
  7. Baby apes are cute.
  8. Koba is a completely frightening and believable creation that may keep me awake as I try to sleep tonight. Impressive.
  9. Perhaps I should watch the original film. Or original films.
  10. Will the next film be overstuffed with action?

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