Monday, July 07, 2014

10 thoughts on...Tammy

  1. I am surprised at how genuinely sweet natured this film is. Smile inducing. 
  2. I don't think Susan Sarandon is given enough credit for how prolific and hard-working she continues to be, from arthouse fare like Cloud Atlas to things like this or The Big Wedding.
  3. I've not read any of the reviews for this but it seems like there is a distaste against Melissa McCarthy's brand of humour, which is a shame. How good is it that she has molded such a strong film career from the success of Bridesmaids? Now as co-writer and producer of a film that would not exist if not for her own star power. Kudos.
  4. This is some gathering of talented female actors, even if some of them (notably Toni Collete) is sadly underused.
  5. And they even shoehorn a love story that manages to work nicely in the background of this female lead film.
  6. It's a shame the dramatic climax is reached treated so clumsily, it could have been a devastating moment but instead comes across as a necessary moment. 
  7. Sandra Oh and Kathy Bates make an unlikely but lovely couple.
  8. I want to go to a lesbian July 4th celebration.
  9. Dan Aykroyd has great screen presence. I wish we saw more of him.
  10. I hope McCarthy stretches herself artistically next time, as much as I'm enjoying her post-Bridesmaids output I can't help but hope that she has more to offer than passable entertainment where she plays a lovable rogue.

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