Saturday, November 29, 2014

10 thoughts on Paddington

  1. The animation is incredible. And flawless. Kudos to Framestore.
  2. The cast is wonderful (and impressively starry!). But it's Ben Whishaw's voice that makes drives this tale into your heart.
  3. Nick Urata's score is perfect.
  4. I wish Nicole Kidman's costumes were more outlandish. And I'm very happy to see her enjoying herself on screen.
  5. I want to visit Peru. 
  6. The search for a home is difficult.
  7. The criticism of Britain's stance on and attitude towards immigration is not subtle. And, of course, rather simplified.
  8. I am really grateful we didn't see any dead bears in the film. It was a close call at the beginning.
  9. Sally Hawkins would be an irritating mother. But is delightful playing one on screen.
  10. I want to give a lonely bear voiced by Ben Whishaw a home.

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