Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 moments to cherish...cinema 2014

  1. The bizarreness of Under the Skin. Can we please have more films like this please?
  2. The scene where Chiwetel Ejiofer begins to feel empowered through song in 12 Years a Slave.
  3. Amy Adams. Giving lovable support in Her, being unexpected in American Hustle and finding her voice in Big Eyes.
  4. The earthquake in The Wind Rises.
  5. The twisted humour in Nightcrawler and Maps to the Stars. I'm never moving to LA. 
  6. Paddington. A technical wonder with the perfect voice provided by Ben Whishaw. 
  7. The bread making scene with Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton in Pride. Moving. 
  8. Five Hundred Miles in Inside Llewyn Davis.
  9. The Lego Movie not being awful. Everything is awesome.
  10. Rewatching The Great Beauty. One of the best films ever made. 

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