Saturday, December 27, 2014

10 thoughts on...Big Eyes

  1. There is very little here to identify this as a 'Tim Burton film'. I would have liked more of his signature style...
  2. ...but I have to say that it is a relief to see a film that isn't afraid to have colour. There's no gloomy filter here. Hollywood please take note!
  3. I could never say a bad word against Amy Adams and she does a great job in a role that doesn't require too much of her talent. She is always believable and towards the end her gradual empowerment is a joy to watch. 
  4. Men, particularly the type played by Christoph Waltz, are terrible. But Waltz is great to watch. 
  5. Margaret Keane's work is pretty ugly. (I agree with Terrence Stamp.)
  6. Danny Huston has a great voice.
  7. That scene where Adams and Waltz return to the Italian restaurant following their success is one of my favourite of the year...
  8.'s a shame the script isn't as darkly disturbing and comic as this. And a structure. The script is a bit clumsy.
  9. Biopics are not easy to do well.
  10. Perhaps it is a good thing that the film has very few Oscar prospects, so it can be discovered and celebrated as a misfire treat a la Big Fish

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