Monday, December 29, 2014

10 thoughts on...Unbroken

  1. This feels very much like a Clint Eastwood film thanks to its promotion of religion and family, and the unsubtle (failed?) attempts at not appearing ignorant. That's a bit disappointing from someone like Angelina Jolie.
  2. Jack O'Connell is an incredible leading man, his performance is the reason I was entertained despite a very clumsy structure. And I wish I saw '71.
  3. I can't believe this script was written by the Coen Brothers and Richard LaGravenese, there is very little to commend it. Why make a film about this man other than he is an Olympic athlete that survived capture in Japan? There needs to something more to make this story interesting. And they need better dialogue.
  4. Domhnall Gleeson is always watchable. And he's had such a terrific year with Frank, Calvary and being cast in the upcoming Star Wars.
  5. Anyone that enjoyed this film should watch The Railway Man. It isn't a great film but it is a more interesting approach to a type of war film that is too common in the cinema. 
  6. I usually love the music of Alexandre Desplate (The Grand Budapest Hotel - swoon!) but here it feels intrusive. I blame Jolie, of course.
  7. I can see why Oscar would give this film multiple nominations. But there are better films out there. 
  8. I feel like I could survive on a life raft now. This film makes it look easy. And am more impressed with Ang Lee for making Life of Pi so engaging for audiences, rather than a bit dull here.
  9. Garret Hedlund is very attractive.
  10. Despite the negative comments above, I was happy to send 90-120 minutes watching this uninspired telling of a important(!) story.

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