Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 thoughts on...Into the Woods

  1. I am so very relieved that Rob Marshall has decided to embrace the notion that character in film can simply burst into song...
  2. ...and that he seems to understand that a film should can be cinematic. Even if some of the camerawork was distracting (particularly during the 'It Takes Two' number).
  3. I'm not sure why but I would have liked to see David Cronenberg's version of this film instead.
  4. Is this the best vocal cast of all modern movie musicals?
  5. Am I alone in thinking Meryl Streep is rather weak as The Witch?
  6. This could have been much darker. How exciting would that have been? (And how frightening for the largely child audience that somehow found their way into the screening I attended?)
  7. Emily Blunt is the stand out here, her performance a perfect combination of wishful yet neurotic. She deserves a bigger career.
  8. It's a shame the third act doesn't quite work on film. There are many earlier moments when the film soars.
  9. What musical will Marshall approach next?
  10. I still think Merrily We Roll Along would make a fantastic film. But not by Marshall.

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