Tuesday, December 29, 2015

10 moments to cherish...cinema 2015

1. Star Wars awakens
I didn't love it as much as the majority of fans (of which I am firmly one) and audiences, but I am still very grateful that JJ Abrams created a solid seventh film that was vastly superior to the prequels and celebrated the charm of the original trilogy. It's just a shame the narrative felt too safe and stuck too close to A New Hope. (I could also have included this film for a variety of its moments including BB8's thumbs up, Rey's dream(?) sequence, C3PO interrupting a romantic moment between Leia and Han, and Adam Driver's performance).

2. Women in film 
Is it me or does it feel like a particularly exciting year for women in film? Firstly female-led films were incredibly prominent in blockbusters (The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road), indie hits (Still Alice, Carol, Room, Brooklyn, Suffragette, Girlhood, Diary of a Teenage Girl) and comedies (Spy, Trainwreck) - all of which were not driven by romantic narratives involving men. Of course there needs to be more women behind the scenes in creative roles, but this has been a solid year. Here's hoping this continues to improve over the next few years. 

3. Ireland on film
Whether it has been stories focused on Irish stories (Glassland, Song of the Sea, Brooklyn), filmed in Ireland (The Lobster, The Force Awakens) or Irish filmmakers (Room), this has been a very strong year for Ireland's presence in cinema. Throw into that Viva, shortlisted for the Foreign Language Film Oscar, and Irish movie stars doing well in a range of films (Domhnall Gleeson, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Fassbender) and it seems like Ireland has had a very strong film presence indeed in 2015.

4. Jessica Chastain in Crimson Peak
Although just missing my list of top 2015 performances, I am in complete lust over Chastain's work in Guillermo del Toro's flawed yet charming film. She creates a character who manages to make you enjoy and fear equally her camp yet terrifying behaviour. Perhaps to the detriment to the film as I wanted her to succeed (as much as I like Mia Wasowski who's perfected the odd girl lost persona displayed opposite so many of my favourite actors - Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close). 

5. Julianne Moore winning an Oscar
What more do I have to say? She has deserved industry recognition for years and has been an important personality in supporting some of cinema's greatest filmmakers.

6. Romance isn't dead
After the live-action reboot/reimagining/whatever of Maleficent, I dreaded all similar endeavours by Disney. The decision, in my mind anyway, to create something that gave Sleeping Beauty more grit and resonance for a contemporary audience robbed the adaptation of the original's charm. Thankfully their next attempt was much more faithful to the naive and simple tale of the original, Cinderella deserves its place in lists of the best 2015 films (like my own in a few days). Let's hope that their future adaptations continue down this road and forego any gritty (and dare I say unnecessary) additions. 

7. Spy proving that spies don't have to be misogynistic
I have many problems with Spectre but the main one is its treatment of women. In short, I think it's unforgivable that the series continues to create female characters for ornamentation even when they're initially introduced otherwise. To everyone involved: watch Spy and sort this out. Spy not only puts a woman front and centre of its story, it's also much more entertaining, gripping and rewarding than Spectre. Paul Feig to direct the next Bond, anyone? 

8. The Brazil sequence in Jupiter Ascending
Despite popular opinion to the contrary, I am a fan of Andy and Lana Wachowski and didn't think Jupiter Ascending was as bad as everyone made out. It wasn't great but it had some very great moments, including this one inspired by (and featuring!) Terry Gilliam. A blissfully odd and entertaining 10 minutes.

9. Girls being girls
The group of four girls having a night away in a hotel room with stolen dresses and Rihanna in Girlhood. Magical.

10. Love at first sight
There have been many terrific moments representing and celebrating that moment when you meet someone who captures your imagination and excitement. My personal favourite would be Emory Cohen's in Brooklyn but throw in The Force Awakens, Sunset Song, Carol, Youth, Cinderella, The Theory of Everything, Into the Woods and The Testament of Youth.

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