Sunday, January 10, 2016

10 thoughts on The Hateful Eight

1. This is not Django Unchained 
My experience of watching Django Unchained was hellish. I found it disturbed in its depiction of history and was unable to take joy in Quentin Tarantino's usually romp. Perhaps I should revisit it as these feelings were non-existent whilst watching Inglorious Basterds, instead I'd cite that as one of my favourite of Tarantino's films - but for now I am simply relieved that the majority of The Hateful Eight did not cause me discomfort, unless it was intended. Other than...

2. That rape scene
Whatever Tarantino was exploring with the well-crafted sequence with Samuel L Jackson, I fear that he was not thinking about a gay audience. A charismatic performance from Jackson will hopefully provoke the audience to reflect on the meaning of the oral sex his forces a white male to perform rather than causing seeds of homophobia to grow. If I was to make a generalisation about the audience for a Western by Tarantino, then I think this is a dangerous depiction to be sharing. Perhaps I should give Tarantino more credit but for now this sequence will makes me uneasy.

3. Ennio Morricone and the music
What a joy to have him score this film and Tarantino shows more restrain than usual in his sparse but effective use of music throughout.

4. Snow is beautiful
I've yet to immerse myself into The Revenant but watching the grand, beautifully shot scenes full of snow has geared me up for more.

5. Samuel L Jackson
This man is a treasure to cinema, particularly when he's required to stretch his acting muscles as Tarantino always does (well maybe less so in Kill Bill). I wish other filmmakers would take note and give him more opportunities to showcase his talent.

6. I do love a 'Who Done It?'
This and the BBC's recent adaptation of And Then There Were None has ignited my interested in this type of narrative. There's been plenty of great films already (Gosford Park being the first one to spring to mind!) but here's hoping there's some more, especially from new voices like Tarantino.

7. Non-actors shouldn't be given parts
Tarantino is terrible for this but Zoe Bell and himself shouldn't appear in his (or anyone's) movies. Is that unfair to ask?

8. Christoph Waltz and Tim Roth
Was it just me or did it seem that Tim Roth had been cast in a role that may have been intended for Christoph Waltz? I like Roth (he's terrific in Reservoir Dogs) but he does not have the charisma to equal Waltz, and his character felt a bit flat...

9. Where are the great characters?
...which could be applied to every character minus Jackson here. As much as I didn't like Django Unchained, it still had a handful of great characters to join the spectacular array Tarantino has written and directed on screen.

10. What will Tarantino do next?
I'll definitely be watching.

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