Monday, October 24, 2016

10 thoughts on Nocturnal Animals

1. Tom Ford is more than A Single Man
It was shocking that A Single Man was his first feature and with the more expansive, complicated narrative and themes of Nocturnal Animals, it's clear that Ford will always deliver his top game. And that is a pretty impressive skill set. Yes, this is flawed but all is forgiven with such a brave and fascinating movie.

2. Amy Adams continues to avoid typecasting
This is something completely new for her and a joy for a fan to watch. She doesn't necessarily have much to do, but she gives a glamorous, quietly moving performance that adds to her impressive string of versatile roles.

3. The opening credits are astonishing 
They may not obviously fit within the film as a whole but wow.

4. Violence against women
It is never pleasant to sit through scenes where women are victim to senseless violence. And I usually think it is too easy a target to use in a narrative when it's not depicting a true story. I am torn but I feel that it is almost to its credit that the film includes this sequence, it happens in the book within the film and is the writer's attack of Adams' character. It is meant to be a manipulative and pure vile moment. Yet it'll never be an easy one to watch for any audience.

5. What a cast
Alongside Adams is a string of terrific performances from Andrea Riseborough, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson. Ford has a knack with actors.

6. Abel Korzeniowski's music
Although worryingly close to the terrific score he wrote for A Single Man, his music again is hypnotic. Next time I hope Ford pushes him a bit further from his comfort zone though. As Tate Taylor somehow did with Danny Elfman on Girl on the Train.

7. The ending is sublime
In a lesser film I think the ending would have felt underwhelming or petty. Instead you feel the overwhelming sense of a character's crushing disappointment. Perfect.

8. How will this play to general audiences? And Oscar?
This is such an unpleasant film that I imagine it will struggle to find an audience. And if it doesn't I hope it remains considered a success. Oscar could step in and help its status, but I think that's unlikely as it's rather cold for their tastes. Sadly.

9. The opposite to La La Land?
I'm obsessed. But I couldn't help but compare the two films - both set in LA, one celebrating the world and its inhabitants whilst the other condemns them. It's almost a love and hate portrayal of the world. Even their reflections on past love is opposite to each other. I recommend viewing both of course.

10. I hope people go see it
Just to reiterate this - go see it!

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