Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10 thoughts on Rogue One.

1. I'm never going to call it 'a Star Wars story'
Awful subtitle. 

2. What a refreshingly diverse cast
It's a joy to see tentpole film's like this lead the way for mainstream casting. I would suggest that the gender, sexuality or race of the main protagonists is irrelevant and thankfully that didn't result in a white and male ensemble. Instead it is truly mixed. Well other than...

3. Why are there so few women outside of Felicity Jones?
It seems odd that she is alone, especially in the scene where *spoiler* some rogue rebels support her. I also wasn't too impressed when Diego Luna returns to save her at the end. It's terrific to see a strong female character leading the film, but she could definitely have had female company and saved her own life.

4. How can you replace John William's score!?
With Michael Giacchino's truly great music. It respects the melodramatic style of the original music but, dare I say, gives it a more nuanced presence at perfect moments. *Spoiler* I will forever treasure the moment when the imperial starships shall through the defence field in the final battle. A perfect combination of visual, music and story. 

5. The cameos
There were so many small cameos from actors from the stage (Danny Mayes) and screen (Geraldine James). Always a joy with Star Wars.

6. This is Star Wars 
But bolder. And more thrilling to watch. I was never keen on the idea of spin offs but I am now converted and hope that Disney ensure they all meet the heights of their first attempt.

7. CGI resurrections 
I'm not sure how I feel about this, especially for the deceased actor who makes a return. Ultimately I could not stop myself from turning into a giddy child when he arrived on screen, but afterwards felt uncomfortable. And a little bit unconvinced that the technology is there to truly make that work...yet.

8. Droids are the best
It's no secret that my favourite characters in the Star Wars universe are C3PO and R2D2 (and I'm a big fan of BB8), so it shouldn't surprise anyone that K2SO is probably my favourite new character. Another camp yet much edgier version of his fellow droids. 

9. There's not just good or bad guys
I think this is almost the most striking element of this film. Diego Luna, in particular, kills an innocent person and thoughtlessly follows the commands of the rebel alliance who we themselves acting in a questionable way. This doesn't have the moral clarity of the other films, and it's all the better for that.

10. Overall how does it compare to the other seven films?
This is something I will think about further but I think it matches the highs of the other films (the final battle sequence, the humour between characters, the romantic moments, the final sequence with Darth Vader) yet has too many flaws (the first 40 minutes, the lack of characterisations) to be a truly great film, which I think the original trilogy are. Still, a worthy and exciting entry to the series.

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