Monday, January 23, 2017

5 wishes for...Oscar 2017 nominations

  1. Jackie is a surprise nominee for Picture, Director, Screenplay and more. An exceptional film that celebrates the responsibility of the US President. Some Oscar love could bring this to a wider audience who seem content to have a disrespectful oaf take that role. Plus it's one of the best films from the last twelve months.
  2. The following potential nominations do happen to make me happy: Ruth Negga for Best Actress, Jackie for Score, Nocturnal Animals for Picture and Sunny Pawar for Actor. And that Trevante Rhodes is a surprise Supporting Actor nominee for Moonlight.
  3. La La Land matches the record for most nominated film with 14. There's a backlash against the film anyway, so why not go big!?
  4. Mel Gibson is not nominated. And Hacksaw Ridge is a surprising absence for Picture.
  5. There are 'good' surprises. Like 1 and 4. I'd also happily cheer on Hidden Figures, Nocturnal Animals or I, Daniel Blake if they found themselves with many nominations.

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