Sunday, January 29, 2017

Top of the class. My own Desert Island Discs.

I wanted to take the opportunity of Desert Island Discs's 75th birthday to share my own list. Of course this will be different on any given today, but here are my choices. With a short blurb on why...

1. 'Your Song' - Elton John
This is a permanent fixture on the list. It's such a beautiful, unapologetically romantic song celebrating the surge of creativity when love is found. It also helps that it appears in Moulin Rouge!.

2. 'New York, New York' - Liza Minnelli
On the island I'd need motivation, and this song has continually done that in my life. An instant confidence booster.

3. 'Belle' - Beauty and the Beast 
4. 'One Day More' - Les Miserables
These may not be my favourite Disney or musical theatre songs but the range of characters and sense of world would be irresistible to escape to if on the island.

5. 'I Have Nothing' - Whitney Houston
I'd need to vent my frustration on the island, so singing/shouting along with this would be helpful.

6. 'You Have Been Loved' - George Michael
7. 'Modern Love' - David Bowie
What sad losses to the music world. Both of these songs have meant a lot to me for different reasons, one a reflective mood for the great experiences of life and the other a celebration of what's ahead. Great combination.

8. 'The Wind Is Wild' - Nina Simone
I'd sing this to the island. In hope it'd convince it to help me survive.

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