Thursday, February 09, 2017

10 thoughts on Fences.

1. August Wilson is one of America's great playwrights
He deserves to be listed alongside Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams. And I can't wait to see Denzel Washington bring his work to screens. Even though...

2. Denzel Washington isn't the greatest film director
It's a shame as he's evidentially passionate, but Washington is not a natural director. There are shots that aren't in focus, actors are often positioned in very different places in the final edit, and the montages connecting the scenes feel contrived - but thankfully this doesn't undo the text or performances, which he ensures shine through.

3. I wish I could have seen the Broadway production.
Anyone have a time machine?

4. Family is bigger than blood
There are many ways people can and will react to Fences but my biggest takeaway is that families are dysfunctional by default and are much more than blood connections. 

5. What a cast
Everyone is terrific. And this should be remembered as one of cinemas great small ensembles. But...

6. All hail Viola Davis
She is superb in a role that gives her small and big moments. She'll break hearts everywhere. And...

7. Will Viola Davis be the first African American actor to win an Oscar for a part written and directed by African Americans?
That would be sorely overdue.

8. Denzel Washington may be my favourite person I've seen in an 'in conversation'
I was lucky enough to see him speak the day after the screening. What a privilege.

9. What wil Viola Davis do next?
She has Widows but what roles will her Oscar win bring?

10. I can't wait for more August Wilson.
On screen and/or stage.

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