Monday, February 27, 2017

10 thoughts on...the 89th Academy Awards

  1. Moonlight's win would have been a surprise regardless of the envelope it'll be a permanent point of reference outside of Oscar fans. This will forever be one of the most shocking Oscar ceremonies.
  2. Thank god it wasn't the other way around. Imagine if La La Land had replaced Moonlight? The Haters would be hating online even more than they have been. Speaking of which, can everyone lay off La La Land now?
  3. I'm so happy for Moonlight. The first LGBT and African American centred film to be awarded Best Picture. Of course my preference would have been La La Land (followed by Arrival) but it is a deserving winner, and the success of those three films will hopefully bring about more diverse stories and fresh energy to filmmaking. Exciting times.
  4. Viola Davis won her Oscar. YES.
  5. Jimmy Kimmel was good.
  6. Will we ever know what happens with the envelopes?!
  7. I love that Amy Adams skipped the red carpet. She totally deserved to win Best Actress. Even though I do love Emma Stone of course.
  8. Jordan Horowitz  is the real winner.
  9. I hope Ruth Negga finds herself with incredible opportunities following her nomination. She is a star.
  10. Bring on the 90th Academy Awards. 

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