Monday, May 08, 2017

10 thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

1. Kurt Russell still has it.
It being a rare charisma that is utilised well here.

2. I am Groot

Or I strive to be. Groot being the person in the group who focuses on the levity. 

3. I'm inconsistent with Marvel films

I am fans of many films but haven't fallen for them as many have. I don't really see a unique quality that hasn't been bettered elsewhere, despite them being largely entertaining. 

4. The Empire Strikes Back

It feels like this looms over the film as the crew run to their ship through an asteroid field to find refuge under the guidance of a mysterious character in a beautiful planet...but those elements also led to some of my favourite moments.

5. The humour

It's spot on. I wish all films aimed to entertain were so much fun!

6. The final moments

This positive spin on the closing scene of Empire Strikes Back brought a tear to my eye...despite much of the film's sincere/serious tone feeling oddly placed.

7. Zoe Saldana

I feel like I'm destined to dislike her, especially if she continues to play a character who disappointingly follows the footsteps of countless nagging/displeased female roles in male led films. It's a shame they didn't look to Star Wars and Leia for inspiration on this side.

8. Glenn Close

This isn't a rare thought, but why wasn't here for the sequel?

9. Elizabeth Debicki

I doubted her versatility but she's plays her paper-thin, ineffectual villain with great charm. I'm suddenly interested in her.

10. Cat Stevens 

I can now listen to 'Father and Son' anew.

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