Monday, May 29, 2017

10 thoughts on...Cannes 2017


  1. Nicole Kidman always deserves a special prize.
  2. Thrilled that Sofia Coppola won best director...
  3. ...less thrilled to realise she's only the second woman to do so! I hope there are more women in competition and winning soon.
  4. Pedro Almodovar is a perfect President.
  5. I am very excited to see The Beguiled, 120 Beats per Second, The Square, Okja, Happy Ending, Loveless, You Were Never Really There and The Sacred Killing of a Deer.
  6. I love when an actress misunderstood/misrepresented by the media wins at Cannes. Diane Kruger is a great actress and deserves to be celebrated.
  7. Seeing Juliette Binoche on stage will always make me excited. And of course she should hand out the Palm D'Or.
  8. I can't believe Joaquin Phoenix doesn't have an Oscar yet. And isn't unanimously considered one of the greatest actors working today. 
  9. I hope other festivals are more open to Netflix. Cinema will change with audiences and I think festivals such as Cannes should be a part of that change, not pushing it away.
  10. I do love Cannes.

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