Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 thoughts on...Hampstead

  1. Diane Keaton is a star. And one of my favourites. I hope that she has the opportunity to flex her acting muscles. Although I'll continue to watch her in anything. 
  2. Brendan Gleeson is a great actor. And perfectly cast as the loveable rogue. 
  3. London looks idyllic. How lucky am I to be living in this city?! It's nice to be reminded of how great it is at a time of heightened security and the recent violence.
  4. Lesley Manville deserves better roles. Was Another Year not enough to encourage filmmakers to give her more to do? Such a shame to see her wasted.
  5. I want to secretly live in Hampstead Heath and be given ownership of it after 12 years.
  6. Maybe it was the reflection on what is a 'home' or perhaps it's Diane's loft, but this reminded me very much of Paddington. I can't wait for the sequel, with Brendan again.
  7. I can't believe Diane bought that buret!
  8. The best performance of the film comes from Jason Watkins. He's always terrific (W1A, The Twits at the Royal Court, Stranger Interlude at the National Theatre) and elevates his scenes wonderfully. 
  9. Joel Hopkins is delivering entertaining, escapist romantic comedies that he'll never be praised for. They may not change cinema but, especially with Last Chance Harvey, they have a genuine heart. I'm a fan.
  10. I'm also a fan of lighthearted films focused on people over fifty. I've read a handful of pieces recently criticising these types of films for not delivering something more highbrow for 'older' audiences. Firstly, these films are for everyone and secondly there are enough highbrow films in the world. Let us have a little fun.

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