Friday, June 09, 2017

10 thoughts on...Wonder Woman.

1. Regardless of the quality, it's important that a woman directed this big budget film
I hope to live in a world where this isn't noteworthy but for now it most definitely is. And we should celebrate this until some more talented non-white male directors are hired to direct tentpole films.

2. It is good. But is not that good.
I flocked to the film because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Sadly I was disappointed. Yes it's a great piece of entertainment with a feminist bent but it falls into the traps of the average blockbuster film - namely senseless action and over plotting. A shame.

3. Robin Wright deserves to be a movie star
Firstly, her character is one with scars and who ages. And kicks ass in a way usually reserved for men. She is totally convincing and I'm glad to hear rumours she'll return for other DC films. Secondly, I wish she was a massive movie star in the vein of (the ultimate) Nicole Kidman. Can people start giving her the movies now?!

4. That shopping scene
This is the scene I've been obsessive with since watching the film. How wonderful to have such a traditionally female-centred sequence in a filmed genre usually aimed at young men?! And for it to have a pointed reference to society's determination to box-in women?! Terrific.

5. Those headpieces
My favourite and least favourite piece(s) of costume jewellery in recent cinema.

6. Gal Gadot
A charismatic lead that almost makes you think the clunky dialogue she's giving to perform. Her best work was alongside Chris Pine, who perfectly fit the mould of spunky love interest. I'm less excited about seeing her alongside other DC superheroes.

7. The villains
Why couldn't Wonder Woman have fought against young, white men? Were the team afraid that the core audience would feel emasculated? That would have been more interesting.

8. Elena Anaya as Dr. Poison
If her character name didn't give it away, Elena Anaya has very little to do other than be evil. Sadly she's not even very impressive as she doesn't get to fight Wonder Woman herself. She has one moment to reveal a hint of character but Elena deserves much more. 

9. Why is Wonder Woman called Wonder Woman?
Genuine question as the film never explains.

10. Historical super hero films are fun
I'm all for this. Perhaps someone could go back and set Batman in the 80s again? 

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