Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gratuitous male lusting.3

"He's magnificent"...Francis McDormand sums up Lee Pace in two words (in the underrated and underviewed Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day). Beautiful to look at, a great voice and a talented actor (just see him in the television movie Soldier's Girl). As the sweet, passionate and puppy-eyed Michael in MPLFAD he will steal your heart...prepare to swoon!

I warned you!...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The wonderful Sia.

While wandering the streets of Dublin, I bumped into this wonderful woman...having seen in her back in early 08, I could not but fall for her charm, voice and music.

So sit back and enjoy...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bride Wars: The End of Cinema?

There must be something wrong when a film such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua beats a combination of diCaprio + Crowe + Ridley Scott (Body Of Lies) to the top spot at the US box-office? (And if you have no idea what BHC is, well I am simply green with envy!). Even worse is the idea that Anne Hathaway (on the verge of Oscardom with Rachel Getting Married) has teamed up with Kate Hudson (once a promising talent before she submerged into the lazy romcom stakes) for Bride Wars.

The tale of two childhood friends, who find themselves similtaneously engaged and are torn apart due to their desire for the same wedding location and date. I love a good bitchfest, and if this had been filmed with the likes of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (*drool*) I would be more forgiving but surely this cannot be anything but an awful waste of - Anne Hathaway's, anyway - talent? Surely Hollywood has to wake up and see there is more to women than materialism, idiocy, marriage, bitching and shopping (and desperate outbursts of aggression while we're at it)? Perhaps not...especially when much of the US of A is currently rooting for a woman who incorporates this idea, (for you numbnuts) Sarah Palin, and these chick flicks make buckets of money.

For shame.

Now you should wash your eyes...and - if possible - your memory.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gratuitous actress lusting.1

The one and only Gena Rowlands. Depending on your cinematic experiences you will remember her from The Notebook (teenage girls), Paris Je T'aime ('cool' cinemagoers), her marriage/cinematic partnership with John Cassavetes (film critics) or her stunning screen presence and performances (film lovers). My personal favourite Rowlands work is Opening Night...delving into the mind of an insecure and aging actress, 'star' and woman has never been so captivating...and Rowlands was born to play such women (in Woman Under The Influence, etc.).
As well as being a fine actress, Rowlands is a terrific screenwriter. Just watch her Quartier Latin segment of Paris Je T'aime...a wonderful exploration into past love, pain and regret.
Now its time for Rowlands to start getting the recognition she so rightly deserves! (Am I the only one that can see her in a What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? style movie?!?)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


"Baby, you are gonna miss that plane..."
"I know"
The perfect ending, to the perfect sequel to the perfect musing on love and relationships. Perfect.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

your disco needs YOU!

Today is the day to embrace my campness. Britney's new music-video has been released, Womanizer. Thankfully Britney has gone back to the paper-thin storyline that once adorned the videography of herself, Kylie and Madonna. Yes she is attractive, sexy even but she comes across as the 'manizer' while the supposed 'womanizer' -right - is thrown about, stripped and tormented sexually by Britney (as slut/secretary/waitress/chauffeur), hence the point of the song (if there is one?) is lost. Still its a fun video and it doesn't hurt that the 'womanizer' in question is very easy on the eye. But this will be remembered for Britney (unsurprisingly), and good Britney at that (surpringly). A chauffeur driving her car with her heels
while teasing her attractive client is an idea that any Pop Diva or Gay Icon would kill for, and now it is all Britney's (thankfully not Madonna's...ew).

Speaking of ideas that Pop Divas and Gay Icons would kill about this...Kylie Minogue (*faints*) + Dannii Minogue + ABBA + feathers (I can only imagine these played some role). The equation is incalcuable you say? Well here it is...The Winner Takes It All as performed by the Minogues (hopefully that won't catch on) for some television show...all I will say is it out-camps Kylie's Your Disco Needs You, and that is saying ALOT. Will there be a music-video? Will it be a single? Will there be glitter? These questions have yet to be answered...

But for now we have the song itself (helpful note: the particular Minogue on the visuals is the Minogue on vocals)...

and Britney's video too...


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

À la claire fontaine...

"I'm here!...

I'm here."


Month in, month out film advertisements have been promising us eager cinemagoers masterpieces...some deserve the title (There Will Be Blood, Man On Wire) while others did not (Wall-E, The Dark Knight). I've Loved You So Long is the former. Most definitely.

At its core the film is an investigation and celebration of humanity, of life, of forgiveness and of love. Well written, well acted and beautifully shot this is, arguably, the most deserving film for the masterpiece label. Undeniably this boils down to two factors; the script and Kristin Scott Thomas.


Juliette (KST) is invested with such humanity that we the audience can not see her for anything but as a victim, regardless of her past crimes. Like her, we can see no immediate future for herself. Like her, we are trying to understand the situation she has found herself in. She remains relatively mute for the initial hour, gradually opening up to the world around her, struggling to come back to life.


It is a beautiful characterisation and KST deserves all the praise previously awared Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron come Oscar time (although how likely is it that she will be so successful as a] this is a subtitled performance and b] she has not been so popular of late). This is not to diminish the quality of work from her fellow actors, everyone does a wonderful job but this is KST's show as constructed by the terrific Philippe Claudel (a la Daniel Day Lewis, PT Anderson and There Will Be Blood). And it is one hell of a show...with a conclusion that is up there with Before Sunset and Dogville (AKA pretty damn impressive!).


I loved, loved, LOVED it!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Gratuitous male lusting.2

Jason Beitel. A dancer for Kylie's Showgirl tours and X tour (also in her video for The One, and Ida Corr + Fedde Le Grand's Let Me Thing About It). It was love at first sight...teehehe. No matter how big his feathers are, or how much glitter he has covering his boot-iful body this man will always be the - second (if with Kylie) - greatest thing on show. Enjoy...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Empire. The 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time.

While going through the list of Empire's 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time many things went through my head...

  1. There has been an obvious mix up between David Cronenberg's Crash and Paul Haggis' Crash. Empire must have meant the former not the latter film. Yes?

  2. The Fountain - just - made it in! YAY!

  3. Empire readers must not like Julie Andrews, neither Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music made it in...(I still love you Julie!).

  4. Not one Pedro Almodovar movie or one Lars Von Trier movie made it onto the top 500. Surely there was some cinematic villainy at work? Or perhaps voting was spread too thinly across their many masterpieces? Regardless...BOO!

  5. The battle between Batman and Batman Returns is over...and the winner is BR! WOOHOO!
  6. Bringing Up Baby, INLAND EMPIRE, Eyes Wide Shut, Bell de Jour, Punch-Drunk Love, and many, many more deserved some sort of placing! (unlike Crash, Saw, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Donnie Darko - yes I went there! -, 300 and a handful of others).

  7. Did I make the right choice to buy The Wizard Of Oz cover? (Batman Returns looks good...)

  8. The Empire Strikes Back places higher than Star Wars. Justice (although I love both).

  9. Indianna Jones is not the second greatest movie of all time, not even close. Grrr...

  10. Jessica Rabbit is incredible. I like those apples.

  11. I have no belief in the modern cinemagoer. Yet Eternal Sunshine of the Spoltess Mind placed 77! Faith is restored! (ish).

  12. Steven Spielberg should continue directing films that were once on the slates of more interesting directors. (Please?). Am I missing the Spielberg appreciation gene?

  13. Why am I still buying this magazine after all these years?!?! Time for a move perhaps...Sight & Sound? Maybe.

Polls like this can never please everyone. But at least they give us something to bitch, talk and laugh about when you're stuck for conversation.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trailer: Australia.

The new Australia trailer has been unleashed (the only verb that could do justice to the combination of Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and the romantic epic genre), so prepare to be left breathless…

I have watched it several times by this stage and each time I have been left speechless. Unsurprising really when I have watched Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! countless times and am still blown away.

If this were not a Baz Luhrmann production I would not have much faith in the project. Especially with Kidman’s overly British accent, a factor that funnily enough sums up why I have the utmost faith in Luhrmann; it is over-the-top, highly theatrical yet gives way something deeper, thoughtful and real (as Kidman’s accent softens during the closing moments of the trailer). This is all without praising the breathtaking cinematography and sets/costumes, which speak for themselves. How could I not be banging on Luhrmann’s door for the final product!

Bring on the 26th of