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Top of the class. Woody Allen films.

This was a tough one and there are many more films (Bullets Over Broadway, Scoop, Celebrity) which I wanted to include and others (namely Manhattan) that I feel I need to re-watch. I also excluded Blue Jasmine from this list as my excitement for that film would have placed it quite highly, which may be unfair to do during the honeymoon period.

10. Mighty Aphrodite

9. Everyone Says I Love You

8. Midnight in Paris

7. Interiors

6. Love and Death

5. Alice

4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

3. Annie Hall

2. The Purple Rose of Cairo

1. Hannah and Her Sisters

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 thoughts on...Blue Jasmine

  1. Cate Blanchett gives one of the greatest performances in any Woody Allen film, which basically means she's given one of the greatest performances in any film ever. Isn't it terrific how she continues to impress and surprise for so long? Not many actors can make that claim!
  2. This feels less like a Woody Allen film than usual, or is it just me? The amount of close-ups and the lack of men in significant roles may be the reason...although Ginger's dalliance with a seemingly more appropriate partner than her current boyfriend, the neurosis of the titular character and 
  3. I love A Streetcar Named Desire
  4. This film almost feels like than incredible scene in Husbands and Wives where Judy Davis is going on a date with one man which is being interrupted with phone calls to her almost ex husband. This is a very good thing.
  5. Speaking of Davis, it's a shame this film wasn't made with her in the title role a decade or so ago. Or perhaps Allen could work on a film about an older woman and give her another incredible role!
  6. Allen deserves all the praise that the film will (most likely) get, but will everyone be too busy recognising Blanchett's performance? Obviously that would be deserved but the film is also great.
  7. I hope Sally Hawkins' career continues to get roles as good as this. She's wonderful.
  8. This is such a different San Francisco from the one that I'm used to seeing in cinema such as Vertigo, Milk, etc.
  9. We're so lucky that we get a Allen film (mostly) every year. He treats us well.
  10. This is such a wonderful film. I can't wait to watch it again. And again.

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An irresistible statement.

"This is awkward - not you're awkward. Just because you're...I'm awkward. You're gorgeous. Wait, what?"

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10 thoughts on...About Time

  1. Domhnall Gleeson is a movie star. And a fantastic actor. Here's hoping his career continues to flourish after this, Anna Karenina and Never Let Me Go
  2. Sentimentality is one of the most common problems with cinema and I can see why people would criticise this film for this...but I can't help but feel that there is enough heart to justify the very emotional moments. Or perhaps this film deals with moments that reflect personal experiences of loss too closely for me to judge.
  3. I'm a blubbering mess. Still.
  4. Rachel McAdams still has the greatest smile in contemporary Hollywood.
  5. The message of the film, to appreciate life every day, is one I wish more people would embrace.
  6. I don't usually notice the score in a Richard Curtis film, but this one is beautiful and I will treasure. It gives the film an emotion without force feeding it down your neck, like other aspects of the film.
  7. I'm very happy that the National Theatre features and the Royal Shakespeare Company gets a dig. I'm suspecting Richard Curtis may be biased...
  8. Tom Hollander is constantly cast in roles that do not utilise his skills nor enhance a given story. This and Hanna are particularly poor showcases for him.
  9. It's sad to see Richard Griffiths on film. He was terrific.
  10. All of the negative reaction to this film should remember how awful most romantic comedies are and that this has more entertainment and charm than most of the others from this year put together.

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An image to treasure.

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Advice on life.

"You've got to have a bit of humour."

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