Sunday, March 01, 2015

10 thoughts on...87th Academy Awards

(Firstly apologies for the delay. I blame life, work and a boy)
  1. Julianne Moore has an Oscar.
  2. Although I would have given the top awards (Picture, Director and Original Screenplay) to Boyhood, I can't be too unhappy with Birdman's wins. It is a great film and an exceptional choice by Oscar...
  3. ...thankfully they didn't go with the more usual Oscar fare in contention, The Theory of Everything.
  4. Julianne Moore.
  5. I'm glad I didn't stay up and watched it this year, there was a lot of cringe.
  6. Lady Gaga should do a medley of great film musicals every year. That performance may be my all time favourite at the Oscars.
  7. When will Amy Adams have an Oscar?
  8. How did Michael Keaton lose to Eddie Redmayne if the Academy liked Birdman enough to give it the top three prizes?
  9. What will Patricia Arquette do next?
  10. Bring on next year.