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10 thoughts on...Cannes 2017


  1. Nicole Kidman always deserves a special prize.
  2. Thrilled that Sofia Coppola won best director...
  3. ...less thrilled to realise she's only the second woman to do so! I hope there are more women in competition and winning soon.
  4. Pedro Almodovar is a perfect President.
  5. I am very excited to see The Beguiled, 120 Beats per Second, The Square, Okja, Happy Ending, Loveless, You Were Never Really There and The Sacred Killing of a Deer.
  6. I love when an actress misunderstood/misrepresented by the media wins at Cannes. Diane Kruger is a great actress and deserves to be celebrated.
  7. Seeing Juliette Binoche on stage will always make me excited. And of course she should hand out the Palm D'Or.
  8. I can't believe Joaquin Phoenix doesn't have an Oscar yet. And isn't unanimously considered one of the greatest actors working today. 
  9. I hope other festivals are more open to Netflix. Cinema will change with audiences and I think festivals such as Cannes should be a part of that change, not pushing it away.
  10. I do love Cannes.

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5 wishes for...Mamma Mia 2

  1. The team aren't afraid to reuse some songs from the first film.
  2. That more terrific women join the cast. I've many suggestions including: Toni Collette, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Isabelle Huppert...
  3. The Greek characters are given a bit more to do.
  4. We don't have to wait to long.
  5. The film is as stupidly fun as the first film.

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Who's that girl?

This week has been a particularly starry week on my theatre-going this week including Greta Gerwig, Noah Baumbach and Dustin Hoffman...I was in aw of course.

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10 thoughts on...Angels in America.

1. Tony Kushner's play
He's ambitious, sprawling and imperfect play has more moments of esquisatness that it will forever be treasured as one of the most special experiences I have had in the theatre (and I spend enough time in them!). A privilege to watch.

2. The company
As great as the writing is, it is the cast that are the most necessary element to bring this to life - and of course they do. I'd argue that James McArdle as Louis was miscast and is the weakest link, but he's also given my least favourite character so perhaps that's unfair. Nathan Lane and Denise Gough were the standout performances for me, the latter has a rare ability to truly inhabit a character. It's unnerving to watch and can't wait to watch her career progress.

3. Prior Walter and Andrew Garfield
Although Nathan Lane and Denise Gough gave the most impressive performances, my heart jumps to Andrew Garfield's Prior. He is my favourite character and, although his campness doesn't always feel genuine, he gives him a charismatic soul that took hold whenever he was on stage. My eyes were definitely not dry at the end.

4. Harper's final monologue
Although she doesn't feature in the very final scene, the last words from Harper are perhaps the most powerful in the play: 'In this world there's a kind of painful progress. Longing for what we've left behind, and dreaming ahead.'

5. The lighting
Lighting Design is a craft that I have recently began to notice much more in theatre and this (along with the Almeida Theatre's The Treatment and The Old Vic's Woyzeck) deserve celebration as they help bring these vivid worlds to life. 

6. 7/8 hours never went by so quickly
Perhaps this is too flippant a remark, but there was just one moment (where the Angel appears to Prior in the first third of Part 2) where my mind wandered. That's some achievement!

7. The Angel
There's always main grumble about this production is the Angel itself. Puppetry is an exciting element to many theatre productions that bring it to life in a magical way. Unfortunately Marianne Elliott relies on it too often and, as here, it seems to detract rather complement the story she is staging. It's too fussy.

8. The set
The opposite is true of the site, which feels understated. At times this works beautifully as the focus is the text and characters but too often it feels a bit cheap, especially when compared to other National Theatre productions. And I'm not too sure what the structure looming over the stage is.

9. Go see it
I wish everyone could go see it and hope the NT Live broadcasts bring it to as wide an audience as possible. 

10. I feel lucky
You know that you truly love a piece of work when you genuinely feel lucky to have spent time watching it, especially with a group of people. I've felt that rarely but definitely did during this. 

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Who's that girl?

Today I met and filmed the one and only Judi Dench. A joy. (And yes, this was the second time but just as fun.)

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6 ways to celebrate 48 years of Cate Blanchett.

  1. Tell someone they have a nice hat.
  2. Turn into a horrifying version of yourself whilst you envy their jewellery.
  3. Be Bob Dylan or Katharine Hepburn.
  4. Tell Erica that you can see her.
  5. Read Judi Dench's diary.
  6. Command the wind.

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My favourite shot...Blade Runner 2049 trailer x4


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10 thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

1. Kurt Russell still has it.
It being a rare charisma that is utilised well here.

2. I am Groot

Or I strive to be. Groot being the person in the group who focuses on the levity. 

3. I'm inconsistent with Marvel films

I am fans of many films but haven't fallen for them as many have. I don't really see a unique quality that hasn't been bettered elsewhere, despite them being largely entertaining. 

4. The Empire Strikes Back

It feels like this looms over the film as the crew run to their ship through an asteroid field to find refuge under the guidance of a mysterious character in a beautiful planet...but those elements also led to some of my favourite moments.

5. The humour

It's spot on. I wish all films aimed to entertain were so much fun!

6. The final moments

This positive spin on the closing scene of Empire Strikes Back brought a tear to my eye...despite much of the film's sincere/serious tone feeling oddly placed.

7. Zoe Saldana

I feel like I'm destined to dislike her, especially if she continues to play a character who disappointingly follows the footsteps of countless nagging/displeased female roles in male led films. It's a shame they didn't look to Star Wars and Leia for inspiration on this side.

8. Glenn Close

This isn't a rare thought, but why wasn't here for the sequel?

9. Elizabeth Debicki

I doubted her versatility but she's plays her paper-thin, ineffectual villain with great charm. I'm suddenly interested in her.

10. Cat Stevens 

I can now listen to 'Father and Son' anew.

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An irresistible statement.

'The journey can leave a scar but scars and heal and reveal just where you are.'

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Left-handers on screen.


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My favourite shot...Lady Macbeth


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How do you describe a feeling?

I've started swimming again. And spent a lot of my time not swimming. Baby steps...